Web surfing yields Carnegie Hall recital: May 13th

While cruising around the web trying to figure out how to promote my classical music online, I found the website for the Bradshaw and Buono 2013 International Piano Competition. I submitted a 25 minute recording on April 22 culled from past performances and my American Retrospective CD . Winners were to be notified May 1 and scheduled to play in the Big Apple on May 19th. When I had heard nothing by the evening of May 2, I spent several days in a cloud of disappointment, and finally was able to shrug my shoulders and move on.

Come May 13th I received an irate email from the contest organizer saying “Where is your bio and program information for Carnegie Hall!?” After searching my email trash and archives, I phoned him immediately. Cutting to the punch line: the notification email had been sent, but lost in cyberspace. I would not play on Sunday’s piano program, but would be invited to play on another winner’s event in the 2013-2014 season.

I spent several days in a daze, and gradually the reality has sunk in. After thirty years of work, I will be entering the elite group of musicians who can say they have played in Carnegie Hall. I feel a new sense of self assurance and find myself more willing to speak my mind and put myself forward.

Now I am back online to connect with family and friends and let them know the big news. I am reinventing my marketing to do more online and hopefully reach a broader audience for my music.