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No Pain. Period.

“Prior to studying the Taubman technique, I suffered from RSI pain in my wrists; the symptoms were eliminated through learning the technique, and have never returned.”

Doug Herring

The Taubman approach is basically an ergonomic approach to playing the piano.  It is a detailed understanding of the many small movements that combine to create an efficient and comfortable piano technique. I can help you learn to prevent and cure shoulder, neck and back pain, tendonitis,  carpal tunnel syndrome,  and other problems stemming from misuse of the hands and arms at the piano.

“I think my overall sound, and understanding of interpretation has improved under her. I gained enough confidence studying with Rebecca that I auditioned and was accepted as a performing member to the Berkeley Piano Club. She has particularly helped me with technique. I had injuries in both forearms,  and now no longer play with pain.”

Phyllis Plotkin


Play more easily and beautifully

At the same time,  the Taubman approach you can have more ease and speed,  a more beautiful sound,  and the ability to learn new music much more quickly. It ain’t quite the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it’s pretty close!

“Under her careful guidance I have been able to re-tool my technique to move beyond the plateau I had reached–a small amount of back-tracking to move forward a large distance. Rebecca carefully lays out a map for practicing, including close attention to fingering, of which she is a master. As a result, I am able to learn complex music much more quickly by breaking my practice time into small tasks of mastery.”

Wendy Breuer

“Rebecca combined detailed attention to musical expression with an essential focus on establishing healthy virtuoso technique. I always looked forward to my lessons every week and our work together helped me build the foundation to perform the most challenging repertoire from all time periods.”

Daniel K.S. Walden, 2012 Gates Scholar currently studying at Harvard University