Houston, we have lift off!

I called New York again today. Talk about lucky timing.  My contact told me that just yesterday the board had agreed that I could play in Carnegie Hall on a masterclass program.

So it really is going to happen!  I had been feeling rather doubtful since my last call to New York.  But after a bad masterclass experience some years ago,  I had vowed never to open myself up to other’s comments in public.

I inquired politely whether I would be performing for comments,  or in recital.  He confirmed that I would be one of several performers on the program who were not getting comments from the master teacher.  I will need to prepare eight minutes of music.

So here is the date:

February  23, 2014 at 1:30 p.m.  

Time to get a move on!  Choose a program! get a dress that fits!  scare up some frequent flyer miles and a cheap place to stay!  Start letting people know about the date!

I’m actually fine with only playing eight minutes.  In my book, that’s plenty of time for a listener to decide if they like your playing or not.  When I am judging competitions, I can usually tell in less than 30 seconds whether I need to listen closely (this person might be in the top two or three) or focus on writing helpful comments.

I’m excited again about piano.