Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

I participate in the Royal Conservatory’s Music Development Program for piano.  The program offers exams two or three times per year at several Bay Area locations.  Exams cover technique,  repertoire,  and ear training.  There are also theory exams required from Level 5 on.

All my students have scored “Honors” or “First Class Honors”  on their performance evaluations.  I have entered students in levels Preparatory through 8.

The Royal Conservatory also offers an examination program in piano pedagogy.

I prefer the Music Development program to the MTAC’s Certificate of Merit program.  I find that students who are enrolled in the exam program tend to progress faster than those that who are not enrolled.  I believe it can be valuable for a student to have someone outside the studio evaluate their progress each year.  Additionally,  having a deadline can create a strong sense of motivation!