Phyllis Plotkin, piano teacher, member Music Teachers Association of California:

“Rebecca Bogart is a wonderful teacher. I have been taking lessons with her for seven years,  and have gained much from her depth of knowledge.I think my overall sound, and understanding of interpretation has improved under her.

 I gained enough confidence studying with Rebecca, that I auditioned and was accepted as a performing member to the Berkeley Piano Club.

She has particularly helped me with technique. I had injuries in both forearms,  and now no longer play with pain.  Her technical understanding covers a broad range of issues, and I now feel I have many more tools to approach passages that would have been impossible a few years ago.

Rebecca is warm and lively, and you will enjoy your time with her. She has a depth of knowledge, an ability to assess musical/technical problems and fix them, many interpretive ideas, and a comfortable and enjoyable way of working with people. I recommend her very highly as she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She has made a big contribution to my life.”


Wendy B., adult avocational student, writer:

I came to Rebecca as an adult student after studying piano on and off since I was 8 years old. Under her careful guidance I have been able to re-tool my technique to move beyond the plateau I had reached–a small amount of back-tracking to move forward a large distance. In addition, we worked on sight-reading, which has always been my weak point and lo and behold, that got much better, too. Rebecca carefully lays out a map for practicing, including close attention to fingering, of which she is a master. As a result, I am able to learn complex music much more quickly by breaking my practice time into small tasks of mastery.

Lessons are never pressured and always fun. I plan to continue studying with Rebecca for as long as she is teaching.


Joe Mumm, piano teacher, member Music Teachers Association of California:

“I can’t say enough good things about Rebecca. Not only is she an accomplished player herself (check out her beautiful CD American Retrospective) but a very experienced and effective teacher. Her knowledge of the repertoire, styles of playing, performance and a healthy, effortless ergonomic technique are extensive.

She has transformed my approach to the piano and level of playing.

Rebecca is very imaginative and has a great knack for focusing right in on what are the most important things for me to prioritize in my practice. She has also helped me a great deal in the art of teaching which I use extensively in my private piano studio. The icing on the cake is she has a warm and friendly personality and great sense of humor. I always greatly enjoy my lessons on all levels.”

Doug Herring, adult avocational student:

“I have worked for varying periods with about eight different piano teachers, all of them good in their way, but none of them made me feel as comfortable as Rebecca does.

She is completely non-judgmental, and creates a very safe place from which to explore the music and follow your path as a pianist.

To maximize the learning experience, you need to be free to make mistakes, and Rebecca’s relaxed and friendly approach fosters that freedom.

Rebecca brings a great deal of breadth in her musical experience and knowledge that allows her to meet the divergent needs of a wide variety of students, from beginners to professionals. Equally important is the flexibility with which she approaches her students, tailoring her lessons to your individual needs. She is able to provide direction to your study, but is quite willing to cater to the agenda of a self-directed student as well.

Rebecca’s training as a Taubman technique instructor is invaluable in teaching a fluid and sustainable piano technique that will prevent injury. This training allows her to incisively diagnose and address problems in technique, and provides a very effective framework for teaching subtleties of touch and technique.Prior to studying the Taubman technique,

I suffered from RSI pain in my wrists; the symptoms were eliminated through learning the technique, and have never returned.

I whole-heartedly recommend Rebecca as a piano teacher!”


Anne S., adult avocational student:

“I have taken lessons with Rebecca Bogart for over a year now and I am very impressed by her ability to take apart a piece and analyze problems and offer very practical suggestions that actually work. Her lessons are always stimulating and fun. She has a very strong musical background and a familiarity with a wide range of music. I highly recommend her.”


Victoria Shirley, piano teacher:

“Rebecca Bogart is a Godsend of a piano teacher! Two years into my four-year course of study toward a music degree at California State University, East Bay having come late in life to music, and feeling overwhelmed and struggling daily for every note, I was referred to Rebecca by a faculty member at CSUEB. Under her expert guidance, not only was I was able to finish my degree with confidence, I also learned skills that would enable me to teach both children and adults.

She truly is a teacher of teachers.

Rebecca also provided a safe place for the healing of negative emotions that can surface for anyone of any age as they begin tapping into their creativity. I felt the drive each week from the South to the North end of the SF Bay Area for those lessons was well worth the time invested in terms of pianistic skills as well as personal growth.”